What is It’s the Pictures?

It’s the Pictures is a weekly newsletter and an extension of the It’s the Pictures podcast.

Here you will find writing by co-host Max Covill that will go deeper into the topics explored on each episode of the show. I’m a freelance journalist in the pop culture field whose writing has appeared on Polygon, Paste, Playboy, Film School Rejects, and others. You might’ve read my pieces covering anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion or Alita: Battle Angel. Or you’ve seen my interviews with Cartoon Saloon, Hans Zimmer, or Bo Burnham. It’s the Pictures is essays, movie reviews, interviews, guest posts, links, new releases, and festival news delivered right to your inbox.

Why It’s the Pictures?

When my co-host John Gilpatrick and I were thinking of a name for our podcast, we started to look at classic movies. We eventually stumbled upon the name It’s the Pictures because of the classic quote from Sunset Blvd, “I am big, it's the pictures that got small.” The two of us had a few episodes together and decided we’d enjoy making a longer-term project out of it. After years and over 100 episodes together, this newsletter is a way of not only covering topics we can’t cover with our bi-weekly podcast episodes but also monetizing our work. We decided against a Patreon for the podcast because we thought that would mean extending our commitment to the show. By focusing on this newsletter, the hope is that our fans will be able to contribute to the show, while also getting bonus materials. This newsletter will help me continue to do what I love, write for all of you, while hopefully pursuing other freelancing opportunities.


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I don’t have a huge social media pull like some of my peers on here, but I’m sure you’ll be pleased with your subscription. I hope I can give you the entertainment you won’t find anywhere else.

Where to find me

Other than the newsletter, you can find me bi-weekly on the It’s the Pictures Podcast. The official Twitter account is @itsthepicpod and I tweet @mhcovill. If you’d like you can also subscribe to our Letterboxd, where you’ll find lists of the movies we’ve talked about in a given episode and smaller reviews of movies I’ve watched.

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